Archiving systems

Archives are the memory of society and indispensable to our democratic community. They preserve our cultural heritage, convey it in the present, and transmit it into the future. The written records stored in archives offer every generation a chance to look at the past from its own vantage point and make decisions in the present that will affect it long into the future.

Digitization of archival records as a source of opportunity

In order to face these challenges, archives today see their role increasingly as that of an information service provider for a large clientele in an ever more digitized world. Archiving information systems support archives with information management in their original specialized work and in their role as service providers. They have become indispensable tools for supporting the entire archival process chain.

E-Government creates the environment for time- and location-independent administration services

Digitalization does not stop at the German archiving world. The law for the promotion of electronic administration and change of other directives (E-Government Act) serves the goal of simplifying electronic communication with administrative branches and to enable federal, state, and local governments to offer simpler, more efficient, and more user-friendly administrative services. The law is intended to pave the way for time- and location-independent administrative services.

Challenges for the archiving world

All archives at the federal, state, and community level, but also archives of the private sector – are facing numerous new challenges. We can hardly imagine archiving work without the use of electronic information systems.  Such systems were first introduced to archiving more than ten years ago, initially in the form of special retrieval software, and quickly spread to access, storage, user, and reading room management with archive document order systems.  This archival workflow is perpetuated in today’s growing demand for digital data retrieval and digitized archive documents, as well as the possibilities and requirements to prepare and present online search engines, digital scans, and the inclusion of genuine electronic documents in the information systems.

Designing archiving processes for the future

The heterogeneity of the materials to be archived (document types), their physical condition (restoration, conservation), their accessibility (retention periods), their origins in very different administrative traditions, now combined with electronic documents from a variety of applications and the associated standardization in archival retrieval are demanding complex, open, and creative solutions from archives and their information systems. As an experienced service provider in the archiving segment, we are prepared to satisfy current requirements and address future tasks and expectations for these information systems, such as presentation of digital scans, long-term archiving of electronic files into digital magazines, and interagency archive portals.

Your partner for digitizing your archive

CONET ISB GmbH knows archiving processes and has been supporting the archiving sector with digitization services for over 15 years as a competent IT service provider. We advise you and develop manufacturer-independent software to find the best solution for your challenges.  With our tailor-made solutions we overcome the hurdles of heterogeneous system environments. At the same time, we want to provide you with individual software that translates and supports your archiving processes without limitations.

As a long-term partner of numerous archives, CONET ISB is intimately familiar with all archival processes. We have been supporting our archive customers for many years with our professional know-how on archiving, portals, E-Government, and geographic data processing.

Our competence fields in the archiving environment

  • Consulting and documentation of archiving processes
  • Securing complex rights requirements under consideration of retention periods and user limitations in the archiving environment
  • Efficient archiving and retrieval processes for topic- and target group-oriented use
  • Portal solutions including online research functions and display of digital scans
  • Implementation of sophisticated search mechanisms (e.g. topic support via thesaurus)
  • General (full text) or person search as well as real-time search
  • Integration of different archives and their requirements into one platform
  • Building of “meta layer solutions” between different archives that guarantee users access to the entire archive without media interruption
  • Data integration and linking via a central data warehouse containing all meta data and digital objects
  • Migration of data inventories into new and/or third-party systems
  • Web 2.0 Community Features
  • Implementation of semantic web technology


As a long-term partner, CONET ISB GmbH is intimately familiar with all archiving processes used within archives. In this context, CONET ISB GmbH will also gladly place its extensive expertise at the customer’s disposal in a consulting function.

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