Pricing systems

Many parameters play a part in pricing. What is the minimum margin you want to achieve? What are the conditions in your target markets? What prices are your competitors charging? What discounts do customers expect? What is happening to raw materials prices? Weighting all of these factors completely and correctly is virtually impossible without the aid of IT.

Higher profits through pricing software

Price management or pricing is one of the fundamental management responsibilities. Every product and every service has a price. The core task of pricing is defining that price to achieve the maximum possible profit. If the price is too high, the product won’t sell; if it is too low, profit potential is wasted.

The significance of price management

As external conditions (competitors’ prices, discount structures, purchasing conditions, manufacturing costs, etc.) change constantly, prices have to be re-defined again and again. For a company with several hundred or, like many of our customers, over a million prices, doing this manually is no longer possible.

The role of pricing software

In most companies, however, price management oscillates between gut feeling and Excel solutions. The better a company’s price management becomes, the sooner these Excel solutions become inadequate. Excel offers only limited possibilities for professional solutions. This is where our software comes in. The system creates transparency and gives the user the needed analyses to make sound pricing decisions.

The right price at the push of a button

Every company sets prices. But – which is the right price? Will the customer still buy at this price? What is the competition doing? Are we making enough profit at this price? Pricing software helps you to set the best price. It takes into account all of the influencing factors, so you have everything available at a glance, always transparent and comprehensible. And all of it at the push of a button.

For over 10 years, ISB has been supporting all aspects of price management such as price analysis, price implementation, and discount/bonus management. It is important to us that the solution is highly integrated into the customer’s system environment by means of our own integration middleware. This way, the customer is not only supported in all price management tasks, but always has access to the latest data and newly set prices are automatically transferred into the lead systems.

  • Standard price analyses (price waterfall, scatter diagram/price-volume analysis, time series analysis, portfolio analyses, distribution analyses/pie charts and histograms)
  • Display of KPIs
  • Empowerment scenarios for sales
  • Definition and management of calculation schematics
  • Definition and management of price parameters
  • (Real-time) Integration of internal or external data sources
  • Preparation of price lists
  • Simulations and scenario analyses
  • Segmentation and optimization analyses
  • Price calculation dependent on specific context parameters (customer, product, sales volume, region, etc.)
  • Communication of specific prices (end customer or sales department)
  • Preparation of (different) proposals
  • Approval of proposals via workflow
  • CRM and SAP integration (price inquiry from a CRM System)
  • Preparation and management of all relevant discount types
  • Preparation and management of customer-specific discount agreements
  • Calculation of final discounts or simulation of expected discounts for a chosen time period
  • Transfer of final or simulated discounts into the discount payment systems

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