Product data management

The parts business for vehicles, machines, and technical consumer goods is developing at breakneck speed, and not only for original manufacturers. In particular the independent repair segment, which is increasingly organized globally via service organizations, brand-independent shops, and third-party suppliers especially in the online business, is extremely dynamic. ISB is doing its part in shaping this trend in the Automotive Aftermarket (AA)Industrial Aftermarket (IA) and Compound Aftermarket (CA) sectors.

Successfully implementing aftermarket processes

The battle for customers is where the gloves come off – and it is fought more and more at the point of sale, by the quality of the products – but primarily by the quality of the presentation and the associated product information. Reaction speed is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor for market participants. We help you to tackle this challenge from all sides.

Automotive Aftermarket

They say that “the automotive aftermarket (AA) is where the money is.” But that is only true if all pertinent and correct information is available on time at the point of sale.  Building on more than 25 years of project experience in automotive aftermarket and our 15-year partnership with TecAlliance, the leading supplier of automotive information systems, we accept these challenges and offer you the following services:

Vehicle product data management

We create software solutions for the repair market of large and small automotive suppliers. This includes the set-up and maintenance of vehicle parts, links to vehicles, original parts and competitor parts, as well as illustration in catalogues and web shops in Europe’s leading format TecDoc.

IAM catalogue platforms

This environment focuses on building our customers’ target links in addition to their own model series and vehicles. Any globally required import and export functions for satisfying format standards, as for instance those of the American Auto Care Association or of Great Britain’s MAM, as well as other, company-specific catalogue formats are possible.

Product information management

We offer format-independent, global reference data management, which in turn facilitates building a company-specific classification and attribution system. Crucial factors are the attribution of company-specific data to any desired market and the possibility to include target links such as construction or agricultural machinery, etc.

Industrial Aftermarket

Product data management is one of our core competences. This is why we work not only in the automotive sector but in the industrial aftermarket (IA) as well:

Product data management applications

Our cross-sector applications include the use of item management, usage and links to industrial products, series, or component groups based on the solution pattern used in the automotive industry. Essential features are the complete integration of customer-specific or sector-relevant standards of catalogue management, and digital after sales.

Corporate Integration

In this field, we implement customer-specific MDM, PDM, PIM and PLM solutions with full integration into our customers’ IT infrastructure. SAP integration, workflow management, DAM and content management system integration, analysis and reporting system linking, as well as strategic product management support complete our portfolio.

Compound Aftermarket

In the compound aftermarket (CA) sector, we implement solutions for the automotive and non-automotive independent aftermarket (IAM), meaning centralized software systems for large suppliers and technology corporations serving other industries apart from the automotive parts market, and portals including product data maintenance, control and analysis.

Consolidated, redundancy-free master data is always the foundation for strategic developments, the memory that makes every decision comprehensible.  The better your master data management (MDM), the higher the quality of your business processes: in time-to-market, in the dialogue with suppliers, in analysis and planning.

 Get all you can from your master data! We support you with

  • individual MDM solutions that harmonize master data and make it available anywhere
  • the complete range of services: consulting, software, support
  • the objectivity of a manufacturer-independent IT service provider
  • years of project experience with specialist departments in a variety of business sectors

This makes master data management the first and most important quality driver and your key to more efficiency.

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