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Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We feel it is crucial to understand our customers and their challenges, and to support and involve them in all aspects of a project. A satisfied customer is the best kind of recognition we can get for our work.

We make it fit!

As an innovative, profitable IT service provider, we have been developing software solutions for three decades. Our solutions allow our customers to achieve the maximum added value through their business processes. They are also user-oriented and manufacturer-independent. We specialize in public administration and 

industry, and have successfully implemented countless projects of all types and sizes. Find out more about CONET ISB, our principles and strategies,

and our management opportunities.


You don’t have to re-invent the wheel to provide individual solutions. Partnerships with service providers and standard software manufacturers allow us to always create the ideal tool for our customers.


The ISB Krabbelstube

A benefit for everyone

We are very concerned with providing our employees with a good work-life balance, so the compatibility of family and career has always been an important issue. This is why we created the “ISB Krabbelstube”, an in-house crèche. We offer top quality in-house child care, where trained child care specialists keep children engaged with a host of activities like painting, creative crafts, singing, and finger play. CONET ISB is a child and family friendly enterprise, so our goal is to offer a working environment where employees can achieve a harmonious balance of family and career. We like to be sure that parents can feel at ease knowing their children are in good hands. And we love the sound of children’s laughter.