Portals for an inspiring cooperation with customers, suppliers, and employees

Companies in today’s business world face fierce competition, and they can only persevere successfully if they have a firm grip on their processes and have optimized the cooperation with customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees. Modern and user-friendly portal solutions can do just that if they also guarantee that the needed information is always available in the right place at the right time.

Tailor-made portal solutions

CONET ISB GmbH builds portal solutions that compel with modern and user-friendly design and sustainable support and improve your cooperation.  Whether you need a B2B or a B2C portal for end customers, an intranet-based cooperative solution for your own employees, or corporate applications for integrating business partners, we support you with implementing all software-based portals to efficiently translate your business processes, support and simplify workflow, and prepare and display all information in user-friendly ways. We are particularly concerned with the following aspects:

Usability & User Experience

Crucial factors for the success of our portal solutions are permanent availability and performance of the platform, appealing and straightforward design, and optimum usability for getting the job done. The term “user experience” has become standard vocabulary in our business. It refers to user-centered design of interactive systems.  Users will have a positive user experience only when they have fun using the application, when they achieve what they set out to do quickly and easily, and no questions or complications arise. In short, when expectations of the use of the portal are positively fulfilled. This is why the method CONET ISB GmbH uses for portal projects is rooted from the beginning in the principles of user-centered design.


A well-made portal solution feels like an integrated whole – the user has the impression of always working in the same application, even when data and services from other applications are accessed or retrieved. In most cases, this requires integrating the existing, often heterogeneous applications of the customer’s system environment. Their contents and functions are aggregated and come together at the user’s work station into one homogeneous, appealing web surface, making the portal solution an enterprise portal. Our experience from numerous portal, interface, and integration projects for data, processes, and workflow allows us to guarantee that we will build you a portal “from one mold”. 

Solution orientation

CONET ISB GmbH provides process and architecture consulting and creates customized solutions for customers and their use cases. We are manufacturer-independent, so we develop portals based on a broad range of commercial or open source platforms. Among them are Liferay open source portals as well as IBM WebSphere, Oracle, and SAP NetWeaver portals. The technology is actually secondary; what counts is that the portal is tailored precisely to your processes.

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