School administration systems

CONET ISB GmbH is the IT partner for all levels of education from pre-school to higher education. We support administration, evaluation, and planning at all levels of our education system with innovative IT concepts. We free up capacities for the essentials, which leaves more time for education.

The link between school management and school system management

Securing successful schooling for our children is essential to preserving our high standard of living into the future. But it takes more than highly qualified teachers, well equipped schools, and well-conceived curricula. School administrators must also be able to plan and control the daily school routines with professional school administration software.

At the same time, the ministries of education need reliable data from the schools in order to make sound educational policy decisions.

Our school administration software

CONET ISB GmbH’s school administration solution covers all of these requirements and thus offers a one-stop solution for school and school system management:

  • School administration software for all school types
  • Delivery of all statistical data to the supervisory authorities directly from the school administration solution
  • School system management and educational policy evaluation by the education ministries based on valid data

With this integrated and complete solution consisting of a decentralized front end  – the actual school administration software of the local school – and a central back end at the ministry of education, the mutual exchange of information such as value lists and statistically relevant data between school and ministry is guaranteed without media interruption.

Simple submission of statistics

High quality data is essential for the planning and management of an education system.  Our school administration uses comprehensive integrity and plausibility checks to ensure data quality at the schools, but it also supports schools during the entire submission process. This significantly reduces the administrative effort required for submission of statistics.

Online applications control for location and device independent work

Teachers do a large portion of their work at home. CONET ISB GmbH offers innovative and secure online applications that give teachers access to all relevant data from their homes and with their own computers, and support them with all school-related processes such as grade management.  

IT service provider for schools, school supervisions, and educational ministries

In addition to school and school system management solutions, CONET ISB GmbH offers comprehensive IT services for all those working in education – from the ministries to the communities bearing material expenditures all the way to the individual schools.  We have more than 50 experienced school IT experts on staff in our “School and Education” department.

  • Expert and process consulting
  • Planning, set-up, and maintenance of the needed infrastructure to operate the school administration solutions
  • User training
  • Implementation of software solutions in the school/education environment outside of school/ school system management
Product example

edoo.sys – school administration made easy

edoo.sys is a modular and user-friendly school software designed by CONET ISB GmbH, which will soon be used at over 12,000 schools in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, and Rhineland-Palatinate. edoo.sys covers the entire range of school administration tasks and adapts to the needs of each school type. It focuses not merely on student and teacher administration but the complete management of all school processes. From master data recording to lesson planning and grade tracking all the way to printing report cards, our school administration software includes all needed processes in a modular overall system.

Of course edoo.sys can be adapted to the particular requirements of each state so that all common school processes can be handled in edoo.sys.


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