Our main success has been the team of CONET ISB. With its 200 employees, CONET ISB GmbH develops customer-specific software solutions. As an innovative IT service provider, we cover the entire performance scope of a professional, trustworthy software partner:  consulting, conception, implementation, training, and support. Our customers include notable industrial corporations as well as federal, state, and communal authorities who have trusted our expertise for many years. You find us in five locations acroos Germany, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Start your future with ISB

You want to become software engineering, project management, or quality management professional or are an expert already? You have just finished your degree or have already gathered some experience? Join us. We are sure to have the right position for you.


We are convinced that we can only do good work for our customers when our employees are happy. This is why we are very concerned with maintaining an open and pleasant working climate. That includes an informal, open door culture, treating one another with respect and in the spirit of cooperation, and short communication routes.

We promote working together

Our customer projects can only be done in teams, so when we select employees, we want to be sure that in addition to their technical competence, they bring the necessary team spirit to the table. This is also why we strive to create and support ample opportunities for our employees to interact as people – during work hours and beyond. Departmental activities help to strengthen solidarity, joint sports events, barbecues, Christmas parties, and employee events of several days underpin our corporate culture.

Our modern and ergonomic working environments in our Karlsruhe, Mainz, Stuttgart, Munich, and Berlin offices provide our employees with optimized and effective working conditions. We generally work in offices of two or three work stations with height-adjustable desks and climate control at almost all locations. Our offices are centrally located, easy to reach by car or public transport, offer free parking for employees, and provide plenty of shopping options thanks to their downtown locations. At our Karlsruhe office, our employees can enjoy culinary delights at the cafeteria, and we offer a lunch allowance at all of our offices.

Compatibility of family and career

Harmonizing family and career has always been an important concern at CONET ISB. So we have created an environment that allows our employees to balance work and family obligations like child care or caring for a family member in the best possible way. Our employees are free to choose the work time model that best suits their individual needs or work from home if necessary.

For more than 15 years, our company nursery for children aged 1-3 in Karlsruhe has offered our employees there the opportunity to gradually re-enter their professional lives after the birth of a child. The re-integration process is a combination of working from home and knowing that the little ones are in good hands right there at the work place. 

We care about your personal development

A great many different personalities and characters work together at CONET ISB. All of them contribute to the common goal in their own unique way.

This is why we give our employees lots of freedom for their own development. We are particularly concerned with offering each staff member individually structured development and career planning. To this end, we use different tools like training programs (some of them abroad), job profiles, salary ranges, mentoring programs, and employee reviews.     

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