IT Consulting

What IT projects are successful?
Those that generate benefit. Those that stay on budget and on schedule. And those you enjoy doing.

IT projects are like team sports

Success happens with the right mix of strategy and pragmatism. When you think ahead. When everyone internalizes the common goal. When you stop to question “habitual” moves. When the whole is more than the sum of its parts. We are your ideal project partner because we understand consulting to be a dialogue on equal terms, we contribute our technical and methodological experience, we use professionals in our consulting rather than amateurs, and we compel with expertise and passion. In the end, we achieve results that bring you new insights, improve your organization, and take you a significant step forward.

Process consulting

Optimizing processes efficiently and effectively

Whether you want to use IT to optimize your processes or to completely restructure them:  as your experienced consultant and solution partner we support you from the first idea all the way to your detailed implementation strategy. With our standardized and proven method, we always work toward these goals:

  • High degree of standardization and high process quality
  • Measurable time and efficiency gain, e.g. through interlinking of processes
  • Noticeable contribution toward achieving goals by means of efficiency considerations 
  • Optimization of cost structure

CONET ISB combines profound understanding of processes in the various business sectors with the highest level of methodical and technological competence to record processes, abstract them, model them, and optimize them. This is how we can advise our customers on all technical and IT-related questions. We are independent of any manufacturer, which guarantees our complete objectivity.

We are particularly concerned with high transparency in process modeling. That means: together with the customer we record every process step and every requirement in terms of content, goal, and implementation, and subsequently model the step.  Based on the goals of the process analysis, the second step is to optimize the process and illustrate it in a target model. Of course, the customer’s organizational framework is taken into account so that a customized process model can be designed.

Selection consulting

Reliable selection and procurement of hardware and software

How do you make sure that you select and receive precisely the hardware and software you need?

CONET ISB has developed a specific process, proven in numerous projects, to support you from the requirements analysis through the complete tender all the way to roll-out.

Depending on your preference, this support can cover the entire project or partial aspects like

  • preparation of cost-effectiveness analyses/ feasibility studies
  • preparation of specifications/ performance descriptions
  • preparation of requirements lists by which the received proposals are evaluated
  • conducting the tender process
  • evaluation of proposals
  • submission of decision suggestions
  • support with contract drafting
  • project / quality management during the implementation phase

If requested by the customer, we use established processes according to UfAB (Directive for Tender and Evaluation of IT Services) and tools such as IT-WiBe (IT Cost Effectiveness Guideline). IT compliance and governance are thus always guaranteed.

Architecture consulting

Manufacturer-independent and reliable technical consulting

Companies and public authorities are facing continuous changes at an unprecedented level. New services, changing processes, or mergers demand quick adaptation of the IT infrastructure.

The concept of service oriented architecture (SOA) addresses this very need by infusing the software design with the necessary agility.

CONET ISB GmbH supports you with this process from your initial survey to your requirements analysis and all the way to development. We consider your specific needs to create a successful, long-term IT strategy based on enterprise software architecture.

Of course, IT compliance and governance always play a central part in our architecture consulting.

Implementation support

Make or buy?

Tailor-made software development or universal standard product?

CONET ISB GmbH helps you to make that decision. We record your current processes, identify weaknesses, compile improvement potential, and use this information to specify the new and optimized target processes.

Depending on 

  • your IT strategy,
  • your requirements and
  • cost-effictiveness

we then submit a suggestion to help you decide whether you need to develop new software (“make”) or whether a suitable standard software program (“buy”) is the better option for handling your processes.

If you choose to “make”, we design the needed software according to your requirements and make sure that it is completely integrated into your existing IT environment (e.g. SAP). This integration is in no way limited to a mere data exchange, but rather consists of a true process integration which naturally is also release-capable, so that for instance new SAP releases do not require an adaptation to the integrated custom software.

If you prefer to “buy”, we act as your selection consultants, making sure that the right standard software is chosen and that it properly addresses your requirements. We will also gladly take on the role of project or quality manager during the implementation of your new software to ensure that your project runs smoothly and ends with success.


Software development and outsourcing

CONET ISB offers data center services through its sister company CONET Services. With reliable IT operations (Operational Services / Managed Services) and professional IT outsourcing, CONET offers comprehensive IT services from a single source. We ensure smooth operation of your infrastructure, application landscape and support architecture for your users.